Tillman Ross has 21 years experience of national and international acclaim, and brings his distinctive flair for creative structure to our team. His innovative thinking and steadfast work ethic contribute to the success of our clients.
Tillman has been an integral part of Cre8tve Works since August 2008. He hit the ground running and still embodies a full head of steam (although the hair is gradually receding). Our clients benefit from his eclectic and passionate creativity.
When not in the office, Tillman enjoys spending time with his family: coaching baseball for his youngest son, teaching art techniques to his oldest son, or going on dates with his wife.

Kayla manages the details of most all projects. She writes for websites, video scripts and now our social media management services. She works closely with the designers and clients to make sure projects get completed on time and exceed expectations.
“My favorite thing to do is research our clients’ buyer persona to fully understand how to create content and speak to their demographic,” says Kayla.
Outside of the office, Kayla enjoys family, gardening and going pickin' for antiques.

Ritchie Elkins creates beautiful design work. But more importantly, he creates designs that work beautifully. With 32 years of advertising design experience under his belt, Ritchie supplies a wealth of knowledge when creating solutions.
“It’s really all about results,” says Ritchie. “That’s how we measure the merit of a design – how successfully it achieves our client’s goals.”
Creativity runs in Ritchie’s family as well. One of his daughters is a graduate from Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University and his other daughter is an active stylist. Ritchie and his wife Paula, of 29 years, are enjoying the roll of grandparents.
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